Wireless Console Wireless Console
Wireless Console

Wireless Console

Prevent falls before they happen and continuously monitor patient fall risk with the help of our patient fall prevention alarm system.

The RN+ FALLWatch™ II Wireless Console is a cost effective system that allow you to monitor up to 32 bed, chair or pendants alarms and features:

- Easy system setup that is simple to program and use.
- Clearly audible alarm tones
- Compact, lightweight and easy to move
- Clear console display with patient name and room number
- Can set up to monitor for additional patient risks (eg. head and shoulder movement in a neurosurgery department.)
- Time delay options
- Digital, wireless system

Signal Units Signal Units
Signal Units

Signal Units

Designed to work seamlessly with the FALLWatch™ Wireless Console to alert staff when a patient attempts to move without assistance.

The FALLWatch™ Wireless Signal Units require a sensor pad to be connected to them and feature:

- A start, hold and time delay buttons.
- Four different alarm tones to differentiate from other alarms in a facility.
- Volume Control

A range of Chair and Bed Sensors are available

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