Medical storage

Flexible, high density, ergonomically designed modular clinical storage.

Medical storage – high density, space saving systems

Our modular medical storage has been on the market for over 100 years and is tried and tested. We have a large and varied product range covering static storage, transport and distribution of medical supplies and consumables. Our medical storage systems are based on the ISO 3394 standard dimensions of 600mm x 400mm.

Optimise your medical storage space

Our high density medical storage systems combined with the expert guidance and knowledge of our Health Planners ensures you optimise the potential of your available clinical storage space. Extractable modules (baskets and shelves) maximise horizontal space while minimising the distance between modules, allowing us to create designs which can reduce your storage footprint by between 30% and 50%.

Flexible, custom clinical storage to suit your specific needs

Our medical storage is completely flexible, allowing us to create a system to best suit your specific requirements. With movable module locations and innovative design of partitions used to divide baskets, storage capacity is maximised and you can access what you need fast. We specialise in modular hospital storage and we offer a full range of accessories to meet the requirements of all hospital departments and clinical facilities.


By having a unified storage system with indexed modules you can stay organised and configured. You can set up your medical storage so you can access clinical supplies of a higher priority faster and the option to colour code your clinical storage systems promotes this ease of access. When complete, our medical storage units are aesthetically pleasing as well as functional.

Ergonomic design

Our medical storage units are ergonomically designed to allow users to maintain correct working heights for manual handling. We ensure no pulling or pushing is required for access to any medical supplies or stock.

Custom clinical storage to suit your specific needs

Our clinical storage can grow and change with your work environment and requirements. With a full range of interchangeable storage components, the options and possibilities are endless. Product ranges include; racking, medical carts and trolleys, transport carts, open steel carts,  cabinets and accessories e.g. baskets, shelves, catheter holders, hanging rails, labelling etc.

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Direction and Assistance

Speak with a Healthspace clinically trained Health Planner regarding your specific requirements.

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